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Local Analogs for High-redshift Galaxies: Interstellar Medium Conditions and Metallicities in High-redshift Galaxies

SpeakerTalk DateTalk Series
Fuyan Bian (ANU)8 July 2016Institute of Astronomy Galaxies Discussion Group


In the last few years, an offset between low- and high-redshift star-forming galaxies has been found in the [OIII]/Hbeta versus [NII]/Halpha BPT diagram. I will present a method to select high-redshift analog galaxies based on the location of the BPT diagram. These local analog galaxies share the same region as z=2-3 galaxies in the BPT diagram and well resemble the properties of z=2-3 galaxies, including high specific SFRs and compact sizes, particularly, high ionization parameters and electron densities. These analogs provide a unique local laboratory to study high-redshift galaxies. I will discuss how to improve our understanding of the high-redshift metallicity empirical calibrations and potential major physical mechanism(s) to drive star-forming BPT locus evolution by studying these analog galaxies.


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