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Hungry black holes - tidal disruption of stars in the nuclei of galaxies in OGLE and Gaia surveys.

SpeakerTalk DateTalk Series
Lukasz Wyrzykowski (Warsaw Observatory, Poland)29 June 2016Institute of Astronomy Seminars


There are super massive black holes in the centres of probably all galaxies. While the consumption of matter by the larger ones is easy detectable as X-ray and optical variability, the black holes with masses smaller than 10 million suns are typically on a diet. However, occasionally a lost star wanders too close to the black hole and is tidally disrupted, emitting a transient bright flare. So far, about few dozens of such events were detected both in X-rays and optical bands. I will present first results of search for optical flares in OGLE and Gaia transient surveys and discuss the link between quiescent black holes and, so called, "Changing-Look" QSOs.


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