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A comprehensive study of ionised outflows in X-rays in active galactic nuclei (AGN)

SpeakerTalk DateTalk Series
Sibasish Laha (QUB, Belfast)9 December 2015Institute of Astronomy Seminars


The 'feedback' from active galactic nuclei (AGN) have been suggested to solve some of the most important cosmological puzzles, for e.g., the cooling flow in the galaxy clusters and the visible to baryonic mass ratio in the Universe. This ‘feedback’ by AGN is observed in the form of collimated jets as well as uncollimated winds. The wind mode of the feedback is manifested in terms of ionised outflows detected in optical, UV and X-rays. After the advent of the high resolution X-ray telescopes (XMM-Newton and Chandra), the study of the X-ray absorbers (the warm absorbers) reached new heights. But, still we have no consensus about the origin of these outflows, their acceleration mechanism or their feedback effects. Our work on warm absorbers in X-rays (WAX) is aimed at trying to answer some of these questions. WAX is a comprehensive 'high resolution’ study of X-ray ionised absorbers in a sample of nearby AGN. I will share with you some of the important results from these studies.


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