Institute of Astronomy

Finding the first galaxies with a magnifying GLASS

SpeakerTalk DateTalk Series
Tommaso Treu (UCLA)16 October 2014Institute of Astronomy Colloquia


How and when did galaxies reionize the universe (if they did)? I will
present recent observational results from two projects aimed at
answering this question by finding and characterizing the first
galaxies. The first project (BORG) aims to find the brightest galaxy
candidates above z=7, most suitable for spectroscopic follow-up. The second project (GLASS) exploits the magnifying power of foreground clusters of galaxies and the spectroscopic capabilities of HST to measure spectra of galaxies from the epoch of cosmic reionization to z=0.5. I will summarize some highlights and their implications for our understanding of the sources of reionization. If there is time, I will describe a new technique to measure black holes masses at cosmological redshifts, thus providing insights into an alternative potential source of reionizing photons.


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