Institute of Astronomy

Primordial power spectrum from Planck

SpeakerTalk DateTalk Series
Dhiraj Kumar Hazra (APCTP)6 August 2014Institute of Astronomy Seminars


Using modified Richardson-Lucy algorithm I shall demonstrate the reconstruction of the primordial power spectrum using the Cosmic Microwave Background temperature anisotropy data from Planck. I shall highlight the significant features in the primordial power spectrum through a proper error estimation. I shall also address the consistency of the primordial power spectrum reconstructed from Planck angular power spectrum in different frequency channels with WMAP-9 angular power spectrum data. I shall explore the degeneracy between primordial power spectrum features and the effects of CMB lensing. Towards the end I shall present two nearly smooth primordial power spectra, containing only the important features that provide significant improvement in fit to the Planck data compared to power law primordial power spectrum.