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Photoevaporation in dusty discs

SpeakerTalk DateTalk Series
Mark Hutchison28 July 2014Across HR 2014 Posters


Small grains set the energy balance in a disc, particularly in the surface layers where the gas is susceptible to photoevaporation, i.e. the dispersal of the disc through winds created by stellar irradiation. The aerodynamic drag felt by dust due to outflowing gas competes with planet formation mechanisms by removing dust and impeding grain growth/settling in the disc midplane. Accurate simulations involving photoevaporation in dusty discs must therefore include proper treatment of both phases (gas+dust) along with an efficient treatment of radiative transfer. I will present recent developments on the dust evolution in photoevaporating discs, starting from simulating 1D simple systems and progressively going to 3D realistic discs.


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