Institute of Astronomy

Inferring protoplanetary masses from resolved ALMA molecular gas emission

SpeakerTalk DateTalk Series
Sebastian Perez28 July 2014Across HR 2014 Posters


Inner cavities and annular gaps in circumstellar disks are thought to be signposts of the process of giant planet formation. The mass and orbits of these embedded giant planets determine the way how these cavities' walls are shaped. We aim to constrain the protoplanetary companion mass and disk parameters by comparing ALMA molecular gas images with hydrodynamical models. We want to exhaust the capabilities of 2D hydrodynamical simulations to extract planet(s) mass(es) and location(s) in transition disks. In this conference, we will present the results of our efforts to couple hydro simulations with a 3D radiative transfer code to model resolved ALMA observations of protoplanetary disk's gas.