Institute of Astronomy

Quasi-stars, giants and the Schönberg-Chandrasekhar limit

SpeakerTalk DateTalk Series
Warrick Ball (IoA)15 February 2012Institute of Astronomy Seminars


The Schönberg-Chandrasekhar (SC) limit is a well-established result in stellar evolution. I explain the SC limit in terms of contours of constant fractional mass for polytropic envelopes in the plane of homology invariant variables U and V. In the same way, I explain the inner mass limit we previously found for quasi-stars: black holes embedded in and accreting from hydrostatic, giant-like envelopes. It also demonstrates that SC-like limits exist under a wide range of circumstances. One can test when a star is at a broader SC-like limit and I discuss possible consequences for post-main-sequence stellar evolution.


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