Institute of Astronomy

Metals, dust and galaxy formation in the early universe

SpeakerTalk DateTalk Series
Roberto Maiolino, Astronomical Observatory of Rome26 November 2009Institute of Astronomy Colloquia


Metals and dust are produced by stellar processes, hence
their abundance traces the star formation history in galaxies.
However, metallicity, dust content, and their distribution within
galaxies, are also subject to several other processes involved
in galaxy evolution, such as outflows, inflows and merging of galaxies.
Therefore, the evolution of metals and dust through the cosmic
epochs provides important information on the mechanisms involved in
galaxy formation and on their relative roles.
I will review some observational results on the metallicity and
dust evolution in high-z star forming galaxies, by also emphasizing
their relation to other galaxy properties, such as the star formation rate,
stellar mass and dynamics. I will mostly focus on the redshift
range 3


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