Institute of Astronomy

The structure of (mostly dark) halos

SpeakerTalk DateTalk Series
Prof. Carlos Frenk, University of Durham21 May 2009Institute of Astronomy Colloquia


The standard model of cosmology -- the ``Lambda cold dark matter'' model -- is based on the idea that the dark matter is a collisionless elementary particle, probably a supersymmetric particle. This model has been famously
verified by observations of the cosmic microwave background radiation and the large-scale distribution of galaxies. However, the model has yet to be
tested conclusively on the small scales appropriate to most astronomical objects, such as galaxies and clusters. I will review our current understanding of the distribution of dark matter on small scales which
derives largely from large cosmological N-body simulations and I will discuss prospects for detecting dark matter, either through its
gravitational effect on galaxies and clusters or, more directly, through gamma-ray annihilation radiation.


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