Institute of Astronomy

McMaster Unbiased Galaxy Simulations

SpeakerTalk DateTalk Series
Greg Stinson (Preston)23 February 2011Institute of Astronomy Seminars


I will present sixteen galaxies from the McMaster Unbiased Galaxy Simulations (MUGS), an unbiased selection ranging in total mass from 5 × 10^11 M_sun to 2 × 10^12 M_sun simulated using N-body smoothed particle hydrodynamics at high resolution. The simulations include a treatment of low-temperature metal cooling, UV background radiation, star formation and physically motivated stellar feedback. Mock images of the simulations show that the simulations lie within the observed range of relations such as that between colour and magnitude and that between brightness and circular velocity (Tully–Fisher). The greatest discrepancy between the simulated galaxies and observed galaxies is the high concentration of material at the centre of the galaxies as represented by the centrally peaked rotation curves and the high bulge-to-total ratios of the simulations determined both kinematically and photometrically. This central concentration represents the excess of low angular momentum material that long has plagued morphological studies of simulated galaxies. I will discuss our recent efforts to drive this material away using stellar feedback.


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