Institute of Astronomy

ING's plans for the William Herschel Telescope

SpeakerTalk DateTalk Series
Marc Balcells (Director, ING)8 March 2010Institute of Astronomy Seminars


STFC has directed ING to explore organisational models for the coming decade. As part of this exercise, and in order to prepare for optimal science output, ING will plan an instrument suite and an operational model for the WHT that are tailored to the primary scientific strengths and needs of its user communities. In the context set by current 8-10m telescopes and the ETSRC rationalisation recommendations, and with the E-ELT on the horizon, we plan to develop WHT instrumentation for those science fields where 4m telescopes outperform and complement its larger cousins - wide field astronomy. The ING also plans to continue welcoming visiting instruments, to offer a platform for technology demonstrators, and to maintain the level of service to users that has made ING a successful astronomical facility. Visits to departments, and a workshop (March 22nd, RAS) are planned as opportunities to facilitate user feedback on those plans.


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