Institute of Astronomy

Multiwavelength properties of gamma-ray loud binary systems

SpeakerTalk DateTalk Series
Maria Chernyakova (Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies)18 March 2009Institute of Astronomy Seminars


Gamma-ray-loud binary systems are a newly identified class of X-ray binaries in which either accretion onto the compact object (a neutron star, or a black hole), or interaction of an outflow from the compact object with the wind and radiation emitted by the massive companion star leads to the production of very-high energy gamma-ray emission. Three such systems PSR B1259-63, LSI +61 303 and LS 5039, have been firmly detected as persistent or regularly variable TeV gamma-ray emitters. In my talk I will review multiwavelegth properties of these systems, and and try to explain the observed spectral variability.


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