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Find below an archive of the most recent talks at the IoA. Click on the title for full details including abstract and attached presentation where available. For a full list of previous talks, please click the link under each section.

Previous Colloquia

Title Speaker Date
JWST at the edge of the Universe - finding galaxies in the epoch of reionization with NIRSpec Prof. Andy Bunker (Oxford University) 25 May 2023
What Really Makes an Accretion Disk MAD Prof. Mitchell C. Begelman (University of Colorado, Boulder) 18 May 2023
WEAVE: Science, design, and first light Scott Trager, Kapteyn Astronomical Institute, University of Groningen 11 May 2023
Multi-messenger astronomy with the Gravitational wave Optical Transient Observer Prof. Danny Steeghs, University of Warwick 4 May 2023
Intracluster light in distant proto-clusters Nina Hatch, University of Nottingham 27 April 2023

Previous Kavli Lectures

Title Speaker Date
The Webb Telescope's First Year: A Treasure Trove of Results Marcia Rieke, The University of Arizona 16 March 2023
Gravitational-Wave Astrophysics: Progress and Puzzles Vicky Kalogera 26 May 2022
Electromagnetic Surges Roger Blandford (KIPAC, Stanford) 14 October 2021
CANCELLED - The Millimetre Sky from the Atacama Cosmology Telescope Jo Dunkley (Princeton University) 28 January 2021
Understanding Giant Planets Ravit Helled - University of Zurich 19 November 2020

Previous Sackler Lectures

Title Speaker Date
Gravitational wave science - observations and a forward look Sheila Rowan (Glasgow). 15 November 2018
Cosmology and Astrophysics from CMB Measurements John Carlstrom (Chicago) 15 February 2018
Dark Energy and Cosmic Sound Daniel Eisenstein (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics) 27 October 2016
The Growth of Supermassive Black Holes From Seeds to Maturity Jenny Greene (Princeton University) 5 November 2015
The Search for Earth 2.0 Sara Seager (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) 4 December 2014

Previous Eddington Lectures

Title Speaker Date
The Chemistry of Planet Formation and the Making of Habitable Planets Karin I. Öberg (Harvard University) 8 March 2018
Physical Manifestations of Evolution, Regularity and Chaos In and Around Our Galaxy Kathryn Johnston (Columbia University) 9 March 2017
Kepler, the Architectures of Exoplanet Systems & Implications for Planet Formation Eric Ford (Penn State University) 10 March 2016
Ghostly Galaxies: exploring the universe with the Dragonfly Telescope Pieter Van Dokkum (Yale) 12 March 2015
Galaxy Evolution in 3-D Professor Lisa Kewley (ANU) 13 February 2014

Previous Galaxies Discussion

Previous Other Talks

Title Speaker Date
Astro Postdoc and Graduate Student Jamborees IoA, Kavli, Battcock and DAMPT Postdocs and Graduate Students 25 November 2020