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Part III Astrophysics - 2019-20

Natural Sciences Tripos - Programme Specification: Part III Astrophysics

Aims and objectives

The Part III course is designed to develop students' analytical, critical and numerical skills to the point that they are equipped to undertake independent research in astrophysics. These aims are advanced through taught courses, which develop students' mathematical skills through detailed analysis of topics at the forefront of contemporary research and through the hands on experience of a substantial research project. The project work encourages students to develop a critical attitude and an innovative approach to problem solving. The more independent working style is developed under the guidance of a supervisor from the Institute of Astronomy.

How to Apply

Those taking Part II Mathematics or Part II Physics who are interested in taking Part III Astrophysics in their 4th year should contact the Institute of Astronomy as early as possible (preferably no later than the end of the previous Easter term) to ascertain the likelihood of places being available. This is subject to obtaining a II.1 in Part II. In either case, please email

More information on expected course prerequisites for Part II and Part III Astrophysics, can be found here. Please note the 2020 only update.

Any requests for further information should be directed to Professor Chris Tout or to the undergraduate secretary

Feedback and Consultation Mechanisms

During the first two weeks of Michaelmas Term students will be invited to elect one representative from their Part III Astrophysics cohort to attend Teaching Committee meetings. Normally these meetings are held at 2pm on the fourth Thursday of each Full Term.

Students are invited to complete feedback questionnaires for each lecture course. These are relayed to the lecturer. In addition, at the end of the year, there is a general feedback questionnaire on the course as a whole. This is considered by the Astrophysics Teaching Committee. Students are however urged to get in contact with the Part III Course Coordinator at the earliest opportunity if they encounter problems during the year.

Key Contacts

  Contact Phone Office E-mail
Course Coordinator Vasily Belokurov 37515 Hoyle Rm 20

Course Secretary

Fatima Rasool 37552 Hoyle Rm 6
Teaching Committee Chair Chris Tout 37502 Hoyle Rm 61
Director Richard McMahon 37519 Hoyle Rm 49
Director's PA Susan Hatley 37521 Hoyle Rm 48
IoA Librarian Mark Hurn 37537 Obs Library Office
Public Outreach

Carolin Crawford

Matt Bothwell



Hoyle Rm 60

Obs Rm 10

If you are unsure how to proceed with the course selection, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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