Institute of Astronomy

Part II Introduction to Cosmology

Lent Term, 24 Lectures – Prof G. Efstathiou

1. Is cosmology science? [1]

  1. Causal structure of space-time: our past light cone
  2. Technology horizon, particle horizon and the `size' of the Universe
  3. Importance of symmetry principles in cosmology
  4. Big problems in cosmology

 2. The background cosmology [6]

  1.  Symmetric spaces
  2.  The Friedmann-Robertson-Walker metric
  3.  Energy Momentum Tensor for Perfect Fluid
  4.  Friedman equations and geometry of the Universe
  5.  Cosmological redshift
  6.  Newtonian cosmology
  7.  Cosmological constant
  8.  de-Sitter space and time-slicing
  9.  horizons  
  10.  distances and age of the Universe

3. Thermal history [5]

  1. The cosmic microwave background (CMB) radiation
  2. Thermal equilibrium: bosons and fermions
  3. Particle content at early times
  4. Neutrinos and neutrino decoupling
  5. Big-bang nucleosynthesis
  6. Relic particles
  7. dark matter
  8. baryon asymmetry
  9. recombination

4. Fluctuations [5]

  1. Newtonian perturbation theory
  2. Fluctuations in the CMB -- Silk Damping
  3. Inflation and the origin of fluctuations
  4. Gravitational waves and tests of inflation
  5. What can we learn from the CMB?
  6. The LCDM model
  7. The multiverse
  8. Unanswered questions

 5. Observational Probes [4]

  1. Standard candles -- Type 1a supernovae
  2. Standard ruler -- Baryon Acoustic Oscillations
  3. Inverse distance ladder and H0
  4. Forward distance ladder and H0
  5. Gravitational lensing
  6. Redshift space distortions
  7. Is LCDM consistent with observations?





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