Institute of Astronomy

Part II Introduction to Cosmology

Michaelmas Term, 24 Lectures  – Prof. M Pettini

1. Introductory Concepts [1]

  •  The Cosmological Principle
  •  Galaxies; Redshifts;  Universal Expansion
  •  Components of the Universe; The `Standard' Model of Particle Physics and Cosmology 

2. Newtonian and Relativistic Cosmologies [5]

  •  The Robertson-Walker Metric
  •   Friedmann Equations
  •   Different World Models
  •   Cosmological Redshifts; the Horizon; Angular Diameter and Luminosity Distances

3.  The Cosmological Constant [ 2]

  •   Galaxy Luminosity Function
  •   Hubble Diagram of Type Ia Supernovae; Derivation of Cosmological Parameters
  •   Dark Energy

4. The Early Universe [3]

  •   The Hot Big Bang; Thermal History: Major Milestones
  •    Primordial Nucleosynthesis
  •    Experimental Verification of BBN, Evidence for Dark Matter

5. The Cosmic Microwave Background [3]

  •   Recombination and Decoupling of Matter and Radiation
  •   Analysis of Temperature Anisotropies of the CMB; Cosmological Parameters
  •   Primary Fluctuations; Sachs-Wolfe Effect
  •   Secondary Fluctuations; Sunyaev-Zeld\'ovich Effect

6. The Intergalactic Medium [3]

  •  Quasar Absorption Line Spectroscopy; the Lyman alpha Forest
  •   Physical Properties of Ly α Clouds
  •   Column Density Distributions; Census of Baryons
  •   The Proximity Effect and the Metagalactic Ionising Background

7. Large Scale Structure in the Distribution of Galaxies [3]

  •   Primordial Fluctuations; the Transfer Function
  •   The Galaxy Correlation Function; Harrison-Zeldovich Spectrum of Fluctuations
  •   Galaxy Surveys; Baryonic Acoustic Oscillations; Cosmological Parameters from BAO

8. Dark Matter [3]

  •   Mass-to-Light Ratio
  •   Galaxy Rotation Curves, Dark Matter in Galaxy Clusters
  •   Gravitational Lensing, Strong and Weak
  •   Dark Matter Candidates

9. Measurements of the Hubble Parameter [1]


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  2. Liddle, A. An Introduction to Modern Cosmology (Wiley)
  3. Ryden, B. An Introduction to Cosmology (Pearson)
  4. Schneider, P. Extragalactic Astronomy and Cosmology (Springer)
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