Institute of Astronomy

Part II Lecture Courses - 2018-19

All lectures will be delivered in the Sackler Lecture Theatre except [M] which will be held in the Centre for Mathematical Sciences meeting rooms (MR). 

On line timetable  published

IoA Lecture  List

Michaelmas Term 2018

Lent 2019

 Prof. M Pettini

 Introduction to Cosmology

 Tu. W. Th. 9.30

 Prof. C Reynolds

 Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics

 M.W.F 10

 Prof. M Haehnelt

 Stellar Dynamics and Structure of Galaxies

 M. 14.00 Tu. Th.10.30

 Prof. N S Stanton

 Statistical Physics

 Tu. Th. Sat. 10 MR2 [M]

 Dr D Skinner

 Principles of Quantum Mechanics

 M.W F. 11 MR2 [M]

 Prof. C Clarke and IoA staff

 Physics of Astrophysics

 M.W.F. 11


 Prof. A Challinor


 Tu.Th. 11.45. F. 14.00 Pippard Lecture Theatre [P]

 Dr N Madhusudhan

 Structure and Evolution of Stars

 Tu. W. Th. 12

Dr Jonathan Evans
Computational Projects, and career advice - 2-3pm, Babbage Lecture Theatre, New Museum Site, Wednesday 3 Oct


Course handouts and examples sheets are put in the pigeonholes below the Part II noticeboard office (H4). Please help yourself to whatever you do not get during the lectures.

Lunchtime Seminars

There is a regular bread-and-cheese lunch, followed by a Seminar, on most Wednesdays in term time. We encourage you to come to these lunches, and the Seminars on a range of astronomical topics which are held in the Sackler Lecture Theatre. There are vending machines in the Hoyle building where snacks and drinks can be purchased at any time.

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