Institute of Astronomy

Summer Research Programme

Every summer the Institute of Astronomy hosts a number of undergraduate interns who undertake research projects supervised by a member of the Institute’s staff. Internships are targeted at those about to start on their final year of studies. In 2020 and 2021 this summer research programme has adapted to the pandemic by projects being carried out remotely, finishing with a symposium where interns present their results. In 2022 we returned to hosting interns at the Institute.

If you are interested in the summer research programme, please keep your eye on the vacancies page where opportunities will be advertised.  The 2023 program has just closed.

For an idea of the kind of projects undertaken by interns, you can find a list of the projects that were offered as part of the 2022 programme here.

Page last updated: 7 March 2023 at 09:37