Institute of Astronomy

Completing the University Application Form

Please complete your application via the University Postgraduate Admissions Office’s Applicant Portal.  Most sections are straightforward and easy to complete however below we have guidance on the sections which sometimes lead to questions.

Statement of Interest

The information you provide in the “Statement of Interest” section should enable the Postgraduate Admissions Committee to understand the match between your research interests and what the Institute can offer in terms of potential supervisors and Ph.D. research topics. Applicants should explain how their scientific interests mesh with the type of research undertaken by our potential supervisors. In addition to the area(s) of research in which you are interested please include what information you can about the type of work (e.g. observation-based, data-science/statistical analysis, computer-simulations, theory,…) you plan for your Ph.D. thesis. Students who wish to be considered for University, Cambridge Trust or Gates Cambridge scholarships should provide the names of up to three potential supervisors. For Home-fee students to be considered only for STFC Ph.D. funding, specific supervisor and research-area information is not required. An indication of the general research area and type of work planned for the Ph.D. will, however, assist the Admissions Committee, when identifying applicants called for interview in February.

Funding Your Study

Please read our funding section carefully paying particular attention to the section which relates to your current fee status.


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