Institute of Astronomy

Completing the University Application Form

Please complete your application via the University Postgraduate Admissions Office’s Applicant Portal.  Most sections are straightforward and easy to complete however below we have guidance on the sections which sometimes lead to questions.

Reasons for Applying

Include in this section any general area(s) of interest if known, e.g. "primarily theoretical", "observational", "extragalactic", "planet or star formation", etc. If there are particular academic researchers, expected to be offering PhD projects, with whom you might be interested in working please give their name(s).

Research Essay

You will need your research-essay submission as a two-page pdf file.

To help the Postgraduate Admissions Committee identify students well matched to the Ph.D. opportunities available at the Institute of Astronomy, all applicants must submit a short (two-page, maximum 1000 word) research essay. Essay titles can be found here.

The research essays should consist of no more than 1000 words of text although paper references may also be included providing the document still satisfies the two-page length requirement.  The document should be self-contained, with a font no smaller than 11pt, and must fit within two pages. The maximum length is deliberately modest and in most cases it will be necessary to concentrate on particular aspects of a research area or problem.

Funding Your Study

Please read our funding section carefully paying particular attention to the section which relates to your current fee status.


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