Institute of Astronomy

Project Introductions

Project 2: Cosmology with unresolved lensed transients

Supervisor I: Suhail Dhawan (


Project 7: Unravelling the Nature of Dark Matter with Black Hole Superradiance

Supervisor I: Vid Irsic (


Project 10: Numerical simulations of asteroid formation via gravitational collapse

Supervisor I: Amy Bonsor (


Project 11: Chaos in the Heliosphere

Supervisor I: Vanessa López-Barquero (


Project 14: In search of the optimal bispectrum decomposition

Supervisor I: Zvonimir Vlah (K06,


Project 20: Can we detect Moon-forming impacts in other planetary systems?

Supervisor I: Amy Bonsor (


Project 34: Dark Energy Model Comparison with Type Ia supernovae

Supervisor I: Suhail Dhawan (


Project 42: Exploring the formation of ultra-compact protoplanetary discs 

Supervisor I: Cathie Clarke (


Project 44: Deciphering the Enigma of the Cosmic Ray Anisotropy

Supervisor I: Vanessa López-Barquero (

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