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Computer-Aided Teaching of All Mathematics (CATAM) projects for incoming 2022-2023 Part III/MASt Astrophysics students

The webpage is relevant to students entering this course who did not complete a ‘CATAM’ computational project last year (because they are arriving from outside Cambridge, or because they switched from Part II Physics or because they elected to take the essay option in Part II Astrophysics). 

Doing a CATAM project over the summer is highly recommended so that you are well prepared in scientific programming skills which will be required for research projects. The CATAM project does not contribute any marks. Most students use Python or C for their Part III/MASt research projects.

The submission deadline is 5pm Wednesday 21st September 2022 and the email address for your submission is

Please include your full name on the project submission, contrary to the requirements set out in the manual.

The Maths CATAM website is a good source of information about CATAM including a manual on learning to program using MATLAB. You can install MATLAB on your personally-owned computer, and instructions on how to download are on the CATAM website under CATAM:

You will need to log on using your email address but note that you are free to tackle the projects in any programming language. For example, you are also welcome to use the Python or C computer programming languages.

Note the manual on the Maths CATAM website may be for the new academic year (2022-2023).  You need the Part II CATAM 2021-2022 manual (see attachments at the bottom of this page for this manual) for incoming Part III/MASt Astrophysics students.

You might also find it useful to read the Part IB CATAM optional introductory project 0.1 Root finding in one dimension available at:

(Email to request the model solution and student write-up. The solution will be made available to you on the understanding you will keep it confidential and not pass it on to others.)

At the bottom of this web page you will find the 2021-2022 CATAM manual and any data required.

Questions for incoming 2022-2023 Part III/MASt Astrophysics students from the 2021-2022 CATAM manual are:

14.5 Cosmological Distances

23.6 Accretion Discs

See manual below to find these questions.

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