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CATAM Questions for 2018-2019 intake

The submission deadline is 5pm Monday 17th September 2018 and the email address for your submission is

See also, the Maths CATAM website; Note the manual on the CATAM website may be for the new Academic year.  You need the 2017-2018 manual; see attachments at the bottom of this page for the manual for incoming Part 3/MAST Astrophysics students.

See below the CATAM manual and data required.

Questions for MAST/Part III Astrophysics students are:

14 General Relativity

14.5  Cosmological Distances
14.6  Isolating Integrals for Geodesic Motion

See attachment below for data for question 14.5  Cosmological Distances is below: II_14.5_2017.txt

23 Astrophysics

23.5  Ionization of the Interstellar Gas near a Star
23.6  Accretion Discs


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