Institute of Astronomy

Part II Essays - 2018-19

Natural Sciences Tripos Part II Astrophysics

In accordance with Regulations 30 (Astrophysics) of the Natural Sciences Tripos (Statutes and Ordinances, p 410 (2017)), the Director of the Institute of Astronomy gives notice that each candidate shall submit an essay on one of the following subjects:


Each candidate must inform the Director by Friday, 15 March 2019 of the essay subject he or she has chosen, and must submit the essay so as to reach the Director by Thursday, 2 May 2019.

Presentation slides to be provided

Part.II_.Essays_Notice_2018_19.pdf56.78 KB
Part.II_.Student_all_information_for_essays_2018_19.pdf185.93 KB
Intracluster_Turbulence_2018_19.pdf36.89 KB
Oumuamua_2018_19.pdf19.64 KB
Suns_Parents_2018_19.pdf18.15 KB
Super_Solar_Stars_2018_19.pdf17.78 KB
Xray_Active_Galactic_Nuclei_2018_19.pdf21.17 KB
Essay.slides_Intracluster.Turbulence.pdf9.57 MB
Essay.slides_oumuamua.2018_19.pptx2.27 MB
Essay.slides_super.solar_.stars_.2018_19.pdf1.17 MB
Essay.slides_Xray.Active.Galactic.Nuclei.pptx1.66 MB
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