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CATAM Questions for 2019-2020 Part II Astrophysics intake

The submission deadline is 5pm Wednesday 18th September 2019 and the email address for your submission is

Prospective Part II Astrophysics students can use the links below to access the two CATAM projects from 2018-2019 Mathematics 1B that should be completed over the summer.

  • 1.1   Matrices over Finite Fields
  • 1.2   Ordinary Differential Equations

Some further information is available at:

You might also find it useful to read the Part IB CATAM optional introductory non-examinable example project

  • 0.1   Root Finding in One Dimension

with solution available at:

CATAM_PartIB_2018_2019_1pt1.pdf211.76 KB
CATAM_PartIB_2018_2019_1pt2.pdf198.24 KB
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