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Computer-Aided Teaching of All Mathematics (CATAM) Projects for 2022-2023 Part II Astrophysics Intake

The submission deadline is 5pm Wednesday 21st September 2022 and the email address for your submission is

Please add your full name on the project submission, contrary to the requirements set out in the manual.

Following feedback from Part II Astrophysics students in previous years we strongly recommend that all students entering Part II Astrophysics from Natural Sciences IB (i.e. anyone who did *not* take IB of the Mathematical Tripos) complete two computational (CATAM) projects over the summer.

The aim of this exercise is to familiarise students with what is required in a CATAM-style write up so as to assist those students who then opt to submit CATAM projects as examinable work for Part II Astrophysics.  Completion of at least one CATAM project over the summer is essentially compulsory for entrants from Natural Sciences IB.  Students who have not attempted a IB CATAM project are at a significant disadvantage when making their choice between CATAM projects or an Essay for the Part II Astrophysics exams. There is no examination credit attached to this exercise.

The selection between CATAM and the Essay is made early in the Michaelmas Term.

Prospective Part II Astrophysics students can use the documents at bottom of this webpage to access the two CATAM projects from 2021-2022 Mathematics 1B that should be completed over the summer.

  • 1.1 Random Binary Expansions
  • 1.2 Ordinary Differential Equations

Some further information is available at: and pdf copies are also available at the bottom of this page.

You might also find it useful to read the Part IB CATAM optional introductory non-examinable example project:

A pdf copy of the question is available at the bottom of this page.

A solution and example student write-up will be available at: in October. If you would like to read the solution and example write-up before October, please email a request to the IoA Undergraduate office at The solution will be made available to you on the understanding you will keep it confidential and not pass it on to others.


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