Institute of Astronomy

Cosmic Structure Formation

Michaelmas Term 2014

Cosmic Structure Formation on Supercomputers (and laptops)

Benjamin Moster and Ewald Puchwein


We will present state-of-the-art techniques for simulating cosmic structure formation on modern supercomputers. This includes techniques for following the gravitational collapse of structures, the hydrodynamics and a variety of star formation and feedback physics. In addition, there will be practical examples, i.e. simulations that can be performed and analyzed by the participants on their own laptop computers.

Topics that will be covered:

  • Motivation for simulations & Semi-Analytic models
  • Initial conditions for simulations
  • Gravity algorithms & parallelization
  • Hydro schemes (adaptive mesh refinement, moving-mesh, smoothed particle hydrodynamics)
  • Following radiative cooling & photoheating
  • Subresolution physics (star formation, supernova & AGN feedback)
  • Semi-Analytic models
  • How to use the Gadget2 code (examples: cosmological box, galaxy collision)


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