Institute of Astronomy

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Lent Term 2014 – Various

All lectures will be held in the Sackler Lecture Theatre, IoA. 

This is an open lecture series, students and postdocs are welcome to attend.

23 January - Grant Applications: Cathie Clarke

30 January - Where the Money comes from: Gerry Gilmore

  • Career funding options - academic funding sources
    • UK Universitites
    • European examples, including the EC
    • Non-European examples
    • Teaching vs research vs mixed vs support vs technical vs self-funded/soft building vs planning vs doing
  • Non-academic
    • Contracts
    • Projects
    • Agencies
    • The real world
  • When to do what

06 February - Research: Andy Fabian

  • A simple research project; from initial idea to publication
  • Some research styles; from individual to industrial scale
  • The role of serendipity; how chance favours the prepared mind
  • Discover space and all that
  • the impact agenda
  • Mediocre results come from medicore problems
  • Narrow focus vs broadbrush
  • Moore's law in research

13 February - Facility Applications: George Becker

  • Proposal-writing strategies
  • Observing proposal logistics and procedures (emphasis on VLT proposals)
  • Observing opportunities in the UK
  • Extensions to other types of proposals

20 February - Journals and Publishing: Bob Carswell

  • Prpearing a paper for publication - some dos and don'ts
  • What happens after you submit - timescales for each stage
  • What to do with a referee's report
  • Proofs, copyright, astro-ph
  • What you might look for as a referee

27 February - NRAO and Large Facilities: Chris Carilli

06 March - Building a Career part I: Craig Mackay
13 March - Building a Career part IICraig Mackay

  • Planning your long-term future.
  • The balance between ambition and reality in terms of what you might achieve.
  • Evolving your research career.  Maintaining breadth of interests.
  • Gathering funding in support of your research: building a research group.
  • Grant applications, sources of funding, alternate income streams.
  • Making yourself better known in the astro community.
  • Developing a public persona.
  • The importance of giving seminars and presentations both academic and popular.
  • Thinking about the reasons for giving presentations and what you are trying to achieve.
  • Getting presentations right and effective.  The difference between something looking right to you and something looking right to the audience.  The importance of preparation and practice.  Buy your own presentation aids.
  • Accessing news, radio and television coverage.
  • The importance of press releases and publicity.
  • When is the right time to move on and to where?
  • Balancing teaching, research and administration.
  • Promotion strategies.  Taking on administrative tasks: what to accept and what to avoid.
  • And many other odds and ends and bits and pieces!
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