Institute of Astronomy

Research Ethics

The Institute takes seriously the University of Cambridge's commitment to the advancement of high quality academic research and to ensuring that all research activities undertaken by University employees, or on University premises, involving human participation or personal data are undertaken in a way that safeguards the dignity, rights, health, safety, and privacy of those involved​.

If you are considering applying for funding for research which will involve ethical considerations ie human participation or personal data or both, Dr Caterina Ducati in the Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy (cd251 at is available to advise.   Dr Ducati is the nominee of the Faculty Board of Physics and Chemistry on the Ethics Committee of the School of Physical Sciences and will be happy to discuss your proposal.  You should contact her in the first instance to ensure all possible aspects have been considered appropriately.  Further consideration of the proposal can then be given by the SPS Ethics Committee as appropriate.

The University's policy on the ethics of research can be reached from this page of the Research Operations Office website:​


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