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HST/WFC3 grism observations of $z~\mathtt{\sim}~1$ clusters: The cluster vs. field stellar mass-size relation and evidence for size growth of quiescent galaxies from minor mergers

The Multiple Merger Assembly of a Hyper-luminous Obscured Quasar at redshift 4.6

Discovery of a disrupting open cluster far into the Milky Way halo: a recent star formation event in the leading arm of the Magellanic stream?

Evidence for mass accretion driven by spiral shocks onto the white dwarf in SDSS J123813.73-033933.0

On the robustness of analysis techniques for molecular detections using high resolution exoplanet spectroscopy

An X-ray spectroscopic search for dark matter and unidentified line signatures in the Perseus cluster with Hitomi

The TP3-WFS: a new guy in town

Chandra Observations of NuSTAR Serendipitous Sources near the Galactic Plane

G11.92-0.61 MM 1: A fragmented Keplerian disk surrounding a proto-O star

The hidden giant: discovery of an enormous Galactic dwarf satellite in Gaia DR2

Gaia Data Release 2: All-sky classification of high-amplitude pulsating stars

Quasar Accretion Disk Sizes from Continuum Reverberation Mapping in the DES Standard Star Fields

Resolving on 100 pc scales the UV-continuum in Lyman-$\alpha$ emitters between redshift 2 to 3 with gravitational lensing

Low-mass halo perturbations in strong gravitational lenses at redshift z$\sim$0.5 are consistent with CDM

An automated search for transiting exocomets

The ALMA Lupus protoplanetary disk survey: evidence for compact gas disks and molecular rings from CN

NuSTAR and Keck Observations of Heavily Obscured Quasars Selected by WISE

An optical transmission spectrum of the ultra-hot Jupiter WASP-33b. First indication of AlO in an exoplanet

The core of the massive cluster merger MACS J0417.5-1154 as seen by VLT/MUSE

SPLOT: a Snapshot survey for Polarised Light in Optical Transients