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Forecasting the success of the WEAVE Wide-Field Cluster Survey on the extraction of the cosmic web filaments around galaxy clusters

High resolution ALMA and HST imaging of $\kappa$CrB: a broad debris disc around a post-main sequence star with low-mass companions

What powers galactic outflows: nuclear starbursts or AGN?

SN 2021hpr and its two siblings in the Cepheid calibrator galaxy NGC 3147: A hierarchical BayeSN analysis of a Type Ia supernova trio, and a Hubble constant constraint

Constraining the SN Ia Host Galaxy Dust Law Distribution and Mass Step: Hierarchical BayeSN Analysis of Optical and Near-Infrared Light Curves

Dark Energy Survey Year 3 results: Magnification modeling and impact on cosmological constraints from galaxy clustering and galaxy-galaxy lensing

Chemical and stellar properties of early-type dwarf galaxies around the Milky Way

Marginal Bayesian Statistics Using Masked Autoregressive Flows and Kernel Density Estimators with Examples in Cosmology. (arXiv:2207.11457v2 [astro-ph.CO] UPDATED)

Combining Hipparcos and Gaia data for the study of binaries: the BINARYS tool

X-ray Absorption and Reprocessing in the $z \sim 2.5$ Lensed Quasar 2MASS J1042+1641

The EBLM project -- IX. Five fully convective M-dwarfs, precisely measured with CHEOPS and TESS light curves

New Close Binary Central Stars of Planetary Nebulae from Gaia DR3 Epoch Photometry

The final design of the iLocater spectrograph: An optimized architecture for diffraction-limited EPRV instruments

CMB lensing with shear-only reconstruction on the full sky

Biases to primordial non-Gaussianity measurements from CMB secondary anisotropies

Comparing Reflection and Absorption Models for the Soft X-ray Variability in the NLS1 AGN UGC 11763

DESI Observations of the Andromeda Galaxy: Revealing the Immigration History of our Nearest Neighbor

Energy wrinkles and phase-space folds of the last major merger

Aura-3D: A Three-dimensional Atmospheric Retrieval Framework for Exoplanet Transmission Spectra. (arXiv:2201.03532v2 [astro-ph.EP] UPDATED)

Multi-colour optical light curves of the companion star to the millisecond pulsar PSR J2051-0827