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A super-resolution analysis of the DSHARP survey: Substructure is common in the inner 30 au

OzDES Reverberation Mapping Program: The first Mg II lags from five years of monitoring

2MASX J00423991+3017515: An offset active galactic nucleus in an interacting system

One star, two star, red star, blue star: an updated planetary nebula central star distance catalogue from Gaia EDR3

An impostor among us II: Progenitor, environment, and modelling of AT 2016jbu. (arXiv:2102.09576v2 [astro-ph.HE] UPDATED)

Non-uniqueness in quasar absorption models and implications for measurements of the fine structure constant

Evidence for post-nebula volatilisation in an exo-planetary body

Exploring HNC and HCN line emission as probes of the protoplanetary disk temperature

No Evidence for Orbital Clustering in the Extreme Trans-Neptunian Objects

The $\beta$ Pictoris b Hill sphere transit campaign. Paper I: Photometric limits to dust and rings

The 450 days X-ray monitoring of the changing-look AGN 1ES 1927+654

The nature of the eccentric doubled-lined eclipsing binary system KIC 2306740 with Kepler space photometry

Host-star and exoplanet compositions: a pilot study usinga wide binary with a polluted white dwarf

A Massive, Clumpy Molecular Gas Distribution and Displaced AGN in Zw 3146

Delensing the CMB with the cosmic infrared background: the impact of foregrounds

Placing LOFAR-detected quasars in CIV emission space: implications for winds, jets and star formation

A $~75\%$ Occurrence Rate of Debris Discs around F stars in the $\beta$ Pic Moving Group

AGN-driven galactic outflows: comparing models to observations

Introducing SPHINX-MHD: The Impact of Primordial Magnetic Fields on the First Galaxies, Reionization, and the Global 21cm Signal

A local baseline of the black hole mass scaling relations for active galaxies. IV. Correlations between $M_{\rm BH}$ and host galaxy $\sigma$, stellar mass, and luminosity