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The nuclear environment of the NLS1 Mrk 335: obscuration of the X-ray line emission by a variable outflow

MAXI J1820+070 with NuSTAR I. An increase in variability frequency but a stable reflection spectrum: coronal properties and implications for the inner disc in black hole binaries

Dark Shards: velocity substructure from Gaia and direct searches for dark matter

The Biggest Splash

A solution to the proplyd lifetime problem

The little things matter: relating the abundance of ultrafaint satellites to the hosts' assembly history

HELP: A catalogue of 170 million objects, selected at 0.36-4.5 $\mu$m, from 1270 deg.$^{2}$ of prime extragalactic fields

VLA cm-wave survey of young stellar objects in the Oph A cluster: constraining extreme UV- and X-ray-driven disk photo-evaporation -- A pathfinder for Square Kilometre Array studies

Discovery of a red supergiant donor star in SN2010da/NGC 300 ULX-1

The Potential of Exozodiacal Disks Observations with the WFIRST Coronagraph Instrument

Catalogues of Active Galactic Nuclei From Gaia and unWISE Data

Dust accretion in binary systems: implications for planets and transition discs

New millimeter CO observations of the gas-rich debris disks 49 Cet and HD 32297

Optical follow-up of the tidal disruption event iPTF16fnl: new insights from X-shooter observations

High Density Reflection Spectroscopy: II. the Density of the Inner Black Hole Accretion Disc in AGN

Euclid preparation: V. Predicted yield of redshift 7

Abundant refractory sulfur in protoplanetary disks

The total stellar halo mass of the Milky Way

A Case for Electron-Astrophysics

Astro2020 APC White Paper: The need for better tools to design future CMB experiments