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Spiral arms in the proto-planetary disc HD100453 detected with ALMA: evidence for binary-disc interaction and a vertical temperature gradient

HyDRA-H: Simultaneous Hybrid Retrieval of Exoplanetary Emission Spectra

The KLEVER Survey: Spatially resolved metallicity maps and gradients in a sample of 1.2 < z < 2.5 lensed galaxies

Bondi-Hoyle-Lyttleton accretion by binary stars

An Empirical Fit for Viscoelastic Simulations of Tertiary Tides

Modelling X-ray RMS spectra I: intrinsically variable AGN

Diffuse X-ray emission around an ultraluminous X-ray pulsar

The Hunt for Pulsating Ultraluminous X-ray Sources

JexoSim: A time domain simulator of exoplanet transit spectroscopy with JWST

A Comprehensive Chandra Study of the Disk Wind in the Black Hole Candidate 4U 1630-472

Susceptibility of planetary atmospheres to mass loss and growth by planetesimal impacts: the impact shoreline

The distribution of relative proper motions of wide binaries in GAIA DR2: MOND or multiplicity?

An ionised accretion disc wind in Hercules X-1

Dynamical Relics of the Ancient Galactic Halo

Pristine IX: CFHT ESPaDOnS Spectroscopic Analysis of 115 Bright Metal-Poor Candidate Stars

The Pristine Inner Galaxy Survey (PIGS) I: Tracing the kinematics of metal-poor stars in the Galactic bulge

STRIDES: A 3.9 per cent measurement of the Hubble constant from the strongly lensed system DES J0408-5354

Spectroscopy of the Young Stellar Association Price-Whelan 1: Origin in the Magellanic Leading Arm and Constraints on the Milky Way Hot Halo

X-ray properties of z>6.5 quasars

The Exceptional X-ray Evolution of SN1996cr in High Resolution