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Presentations and Support Material

This page contains a variety of presentation material, principally talks given by Professor Craig Mackay.  They are principally in PDF format and the material they contain may be used freely by anyone for non-commercial purposes provided the source is properly acknowledged.  Should anybody wish to have copies of movies or other PowerPoint related material in a different format please contact Professor Mackay directly at cdm <at> In many cases, movies and other images can be found on other pages of the Lucky Imaging website and they may be copied directly from their and used under the same conditions given above.

L3_ESO_141009.pdf3.18 MB
L3_CUAS_100310.pdf34.15 MB
Art of Scientific Imaging_210710.pdf18.43 MB
Lucky_AO_Gaia_300611.pdf1.75 MB
Gregory_070711.pdf1.46 MB
Lucky_AO_080611.pdf1.78 MB
App_Astro_ROE_131010.pdf4.03 MB
L3_WHT-IAC_210610.pdf1.26 MB
Lucky_RoPACS_120711.pdf24.69 MB
L3_JEB_250511.pdf5.08 MB
EMCCDs_051211.pdf1.59 MB
Science_Astro_Imaging Imaging_130112.pptx20.37 MB
OU_Lucky_CCDs_220312.pptx19.34 MB
SPIE_8453-1_010712.pptx3.42 MB
SPIE_8446-72_050712.pptx9.9 MB
Crass_Curvature_SPIE_0712.pdf1.79 MB
Mackay_Microlensing_Doha_120213.pdf2.74 MB
Daguerre_CCDs_080213.pptx15.38 MB
Twinkle_removal_231112.pptx15.56 MB
Microlensing_IoA_070514.pptx3.1 MB
Fast_Photo_Imaging_Galway_150514.pdf1.77 MB
SPIE_AOLI_JC_0614.pptx13.41 MB
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