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10 January 2010

High-Resolution Imaging with Ground-Based Telescopes, Optics and Photonics News, 
November 2009.  A copy is available: here

1 October 2007

Lucky Imaging named one of Best Inventions of the Year by Time Magazine  here 
(behind the Spandex Space Suit)

‘Lucky’ camera creates ground-based images better than Hubble’s 
by Valerie Coffey at;  here


27 September 2007

Souped-Up Telescope, Time Magazine     here

19 September 2007

Palomar Scope Sees Sharpest, Sky and Telescope    here

5 September 2007

CosmicLog A CASE OF HUBBLE ENVY? click:  here

'Lucky Camera' Rivals Hubble's Clarity.  click:  here

SpacEurope Space Blog, based in Sintra, Portugal, click  HERE.

Many articles from around the world:  Indexed by Google News/Science

Links may not last long, depending on how the sites manage archive data.
 Lucky Camera Captures Sharp Images of Stars Better than Hubble
ScienceMode - 6 hours ago
British and American astronomers from the University of Cambridge and
the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) have developed a 
new camera that ...
 Photo in the News: Sharpest Ever Space Pictures Taken
National Geographic, DC - 14 hours ago
Astronomers have put a high-tech spin on an old technique known 
as "lucky imaging" to capture some of the sharpest ever 
shots of galaxies, stars, ...
 Earth camera outdoes it’s stellar rival
Times Online, UK - Sep 3, 2007
CAMBRIDGE A camera has been developed that has taken sharper images of 
space than ever seen before. The so-called “lucky camera”, developed 
by astronomers ...
 Stars shine brightly in new images
The Press Association - Sep 3, 2007
Astronomers say they have captured images of stars which are sharper 
than any seen before. Researchers from Cambridge University and the 
California ...
 Creating Eyeglasses for Giant Telescopes
Wired News - 22 hours ago
By John Borland September 04, 2007 | 4:58:48 AMCategories: 
Space A team of British and American researchers working together 
has used a new imaging system ...
 Digital system takes clearest images of space
ABC Online, Australia - Sep 3, 2007
Astronomers from the US and Britain have obtained some of the clearest pictures ever taken of space. The digital system called 'Lucky' adjusts pictures ...
 Boffins unveil sharpest ever stellar snaps
Register, UK -  Sep 4, 2007
By Lucy Sherriff → More by this author Astronomers working 
at the Palomar observatory have taken some of the clearest 
ever pictures of space. ...
 Fast, Cheap Camera Beats Out Hubble Telescope's Pictures of Stars
Associated Content, CO - 14 hours ago
By Josephina Malory Scientists at the Cambridge and California Institute of Technology have found a way to make powerful pictures of the stars using a ...
Lucky telescope
Times, India - 10 hours ago
Now gazing at the stars has become that much easier. 
A specialised camera has been developed for the purpose, 
which takes sharper images of space than ever ...
 'Clearest' images taken of space
BBC News, UK -  Sep 3, 2007
By Pallab Ghosh A team of astronomers from the US and the UK has obtained some of the clearest pictures of space ever taken. They were acquired using a new ...
 Best Space Photo captured at Mount Palomar
LetsGoDigital, Netherlands - Sep 3, 2007
The Cambridge / Caltech team, however, surpassed the 
quality of images taken from space by using a high-speed 
camera to take numerous images of the same ...
 Solving an image problem
New Electronics, UK - Sep 3, 2007
Astronomers from the University of Cambridge and Caltech have developed a camera that gives more detailed pictures of stars and nebula than the Hubble Space ...
 Do you feel lucky, stargazer?
CNET, CA - 12 hours ago
This pair of images shows the Cat's Eye Nebula taken with the 
200-inch telescope at Palomar Observatory. On the top is a conventional 
image, ...
 'Lucky' camera boosts telescope
CNET, CA - 12 hours ago
Astronomers develop a cheap technique to improve 
ground-based telescope resolution to rival space-based 
telescopes. By Stephen Shankland Photographers take ...
 Astronomers obtain clearest images of space till date, FL - 21 hours ago
London, Sept 4: A team of archaeologists from the US and the UK have 
obtained what they say are the clearest pictures of space ever taken. ...
 Sharpest-ever space images produced, UK - Sep 3, 2007
Google is to team up with Dow Jones and several other companies to 
syndicate their video content on other websites. Living next to 
noisy neighbours can be ...
 'Lucky Camera' Takes Sharpest Ever Images Of Stars
Science Daily (press release) - 17 hours ago
Science Daily — Astronomers from the California 
Institute of Technology and the University of Cambridge 
have developed a new camera that produces much more ...

4 September 2007

Coverage on a Dutch Science Web site, Noorderlicht,  (In Dutch), HERE.

3 September 2007:

Clearest' images taken of space, By Pallab Ghosh,Science correspondent, BBC News and video clip  HERE.

Best Space Photo captured at Mount Palomar, Mark Peters in Let's Go Digital: 

2 December 2005

UK stargazers enjoy 'Lucky' break, By Pia Harold,  BBC News and video clips as follows:

Craig Mackay demonstrating his camera: HERE

Nick Law on finding the binary stars: HERE

Simon Hodgkin explaining the science HERE.


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