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Journal Articles

On the Upper IMF in Nearby Dwarf Galaxies: Modeling the Effects of Star Formation Histories. 2011.  Weisz, D. et al., in preparation

The Star Formation Rate Distribution Function of the Local Universe. 2011. Bothwell, M. et al., MNRAS, submitted

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The Calibration of Monochromatic Far-Infrared Star Formation Rate Indicators. 2010. Calzetti, D. et al., ApJ, 714, 1256

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The Spitzer Local Volume Legacy: Survey Description and Infrared Photometry, 2009. Dale, D., et al., ApJ, 703, 517

Ancillary Dataset Publications

A GALEX Ultraviolet Imaging Survey of Galaxies in the Local Volume. 2011. Lee, J.C., Gil de Paz, A., Kennicutt, R.C. et al., ApJS, 192, 6

On the Interstellar Medium and Star Formation Demographics of Galaxies in the Local Universe. 2009. Bothwell, M., Kennicutt, R.C., & Lee, J.C., MNRAS, 400, 154

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The Star Formation Demographics of Galaxies in the Local Volume. 2007. Lee, J.C., Kennicutt, R.C., Funes, S.J.,J.G., Sakai, S., Akiyama, S., ApJ, 671, L113

Conference Proceeedings, Poster Contributions, and Other Abstracts

The Spitzer Local Volume Legacy Survey: Infrared Imaging and Photometry for 258 Nearby Galaxies. 2009. Dale, D. & the LVL team. American Astronomical Society, 213, 41801

The Local Volume Legacy Survey. 2008. Lee, Janice. C., Kennicutt, R.C. et al. in the proceedings of The Formation and Evolution of Galaxy Disks, Rome 2007, organized by the Vatican Observatory, editors J. G. Funes, S.J. and E. M. Corsini

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11HUGS & LVL: Star Formation Properties of Local Volume Galaxies. 2007. Lee, Janice C., et al. American Astronomical Society, 211, 9504

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