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Black Holes and the Evolving Universe

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Meg Urry16 March 2016
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Group:Beal High School Astronomy Club
Number of Visitors:210

Talk Summary

Black holes form at the centers of galaxies in the young Universe and,
over the next 13 billion years or so, accrete enormous amounts of matter
from the surrounding galaxy. By the present time, a black hole and its
host galaxy have grown in mass by factors of a million or more, possibly
in lockstep. In this talk, I give several alternative descriptions of a
black hole, then explain how recent multi-wavelength surveys have allowed
us to take a census of black hole growth across cosmic time. I conclude
with the big picture: the evolution of the universe over the last 13
billion years, as indicated by computer simulations, and future prospects
for observing black hole growth and mergers across the cosmos.


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