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Building a universe in a year (talk designed for a half-term family audience)

SpeakerTalk DateWeekly Handout
Zephyr Penoyre & the CHaOS crew 18 February 2015
Additional Information
Group: - half term -
Number of Visitors:290+

Talk Summary

What if we shrink down the time it took for the universe to become what it looks like today into just one year. Would we have oceans on earth in time for summer? What would be happening on your birthday? Are humans going to evolve in time for the new years eve party?

We present a crash course in how to build a universe, starting with a very large bang and going all the way to two legged mammals with digital watches.  We'll show you how our universe became what it is today, on scales ranging from galaxies all the way down to DNA. We'll create life, we'll crash planets into each other, we'll grow the universe from so small you can barely imagine it to so large that we can only see a tiny fraction of it

 In half=an-hour, we'll try and tell the whole story of the cosmos, with hands on demonstrations, plenty of crashes and explosions, and one very large clock.
This talk is designed with a half-term family audience in mind.


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