Institute of Astronomy

Open Afternoon

IoA Open Afternoon 2013 - Sat 23rd March 2.30-6.30pm

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Schedule of talks (in the Sackler Lecture Theatre)


3:00pm - Supermassive black holes - the monsters in the hearts of galaxiesDan Wilkins
4:00pm - The birth of the Universe - the first results from the Planck satelliteProf George Efstathiou
5:00pm - Warp drives, Phasers and Wormholes: The astrophysics of Star Trek - Chris Crowe

Displays, Exhibits and Demonstrations


Find out what's out in space, how it all works and what we use to study the stars!


The highest scientific chair

display in our historical library celebrating the life and work of Sir Robert Ball - author of popular books on Astronomy and  Director of the Observatory between 1892-1913

Make-n-do Activities


Come and make your own comet and design your own alien mask!

Some Special Guests


Ever wanted to meet a Stormtrooper? Or have a chat with an alien?

Souvenirs to Purchase


A wonderful range of meteorites will be on display (and to purchase), courtesy of Space Rocks UK. And we have lots of postcards for sale to those with a little pocket money.

Public Observing (only if it's clear)


All of this will be followed by an extra public observing session between 7-9pm ... but only if the weather is clear!

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