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Public Open Night Talk Schedule 2008-09

Statistics for the 2008/09 observing season:

  • We held 24 public sessions, and carried out observing on 9 evenings.
  • The average weekly attendance was around 145 people.
Date Lecturer Title No. of Visitors Weather Group booked in ? Handouts
8th October Robin Catchpole Are we alone? ~150 clear 1st Fen Ditton Cubs 2008-10-08
15th October Carolin Crawford A Phoenix on Mars 90 cloudy - 2008-10-15
22nd October Mark Hurn The history of the Cambridge Observatory 120 clear St Neots St Marys Rotary Club 2008-10-22
29th October Anna Quider Humans in Space 190 hazy (Half term) Gransden Women's Group 2008-10-29
5th November - No talk or observing this week - - (Guy Fawkes night) -
12th November Adrienne Leonard The Universe in all its colours 130 cloudy :( 26th Cambridge brownies 2008-11-12
19th November Steve Wilkins The history of the Universe 135 cloudy 6th form students from Abbey College 2008-11-19
26th November Luke Barnes Getting your brain around the Universe 160 cloudy St Ives cubs 2008-11-26
3rd December Kim Bayliss Black Holes for beginners 190 clouded over! 1st Chesterton girls brigade 2008-12-03
10th December John Eldridge Massive stars in their death throes 150 cloudy again! 1st Warboys scouts -
17th December Harold Kozak Time travel: Fact or Fiction? 210 clouded over 18th Cambridge scouts 2008-12-17
23rd December Christmas break - - - - -
30th December Christmas break - - - - -
7th January Carolin Crawford The case for dark energy 80 raining   2009-01-07
14th January Kostas Gourgouliatios Gamma-ray bursts; the most spectacular explosions 120 cloudy Ashwell Scouts 2009-01-14
21st January Helen Russell Atmospheric Illusions 240 cloudy 1st St Neots Scouts 2009-01-21
28th January Andrew Pontzen The Fuzzy Universe 170 cloudy 27th Cambridge Cubs 2009-01-28
4th February Mark Booth The Solar System beyond Neptune 120 cloudy 1st Cambourne Scouts 2009-02-04
11th February Scott Brown Mapping the Milky Way 100 clear 13th Cambridge cubs 2009-02-11
18th February Amy Bonsor Neutron stars: one billion tonnes in a teaspoon 130 cloudy Half-term 2009-02-18
25th February Simeon Bird The Cosmic Microwave Background 80 cloudy Browne group 2009-02-25
4th March Dan Stark The search for the first stars and galaxies 145 CLEAR! Alconbury scouts; Gamblingay young famers 2009-03-04
11th March Luke Barnes Life in a fine-tuned Universe 180 cloudy Science Festival 2009-03-11
18th March Carolin Crawford Exo-planets and how to find them 180 clear ! Science Festival 2009-03-18
25th March Adrienne Leonard Relativity for beginners 160 fantastically clear 1st Earith, Bluntisham & Colne Scouts; Leys 2009-03-25
3rd April Carolin Crawford An Introduction to the Moon 110 clear Moonwatch -
4th April Carolin Crawford An Introduction to the Moon 150 hazy Moonwatch -

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