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Public Open Night Talk Schedule 2007-08

Statistics for the 2007/08 observing season:

  • We held 22 public sessions, and carried out observing on 14 evenings.
  • The average weekly attendance was around 130 people.
Date Lecturer Title No. of Visitors Weather Weekly Handout
10th October Robin Catchpole Are we alone? 80 clear ! 2007-10-10
17th October Carolin Crawford The Messier Catalogue - from comets to galaxies 120 clear ! 2007-10-17
24th October Steve Wilkins Getting around the Solar System 140 cloudy 2007-10-24
31st October Michael Fellhauer NGC5466 and its tidal tails 150 clear! 2007-10-31
7th November Derek Jones The Crab Nebula 105 cloudy :( 2007-11-07
14th November Andrew Pontzen What is time? 230 clear (eventually!) 2007-11-14
21st November Andy Fabian The X-ray Sky 110 raining 2007-11-21
28th November Adrienne Leonard Illuminating the dark matter in the Universe 100 cloudy 2007-11-28
5th December Zoe Leinhardt Things that go bump in the night: the life of an asteroid 80 clear 2007-12-05
12th December Robin Catchpole Light and colour in the Universe 130 clear(ish) 2007-12-12
19th December Carolin Crawford Finding your way about the winter night sky 120 clear 2007-12-19
24th December - Christmas break - -
2nd January - New Year break - -
9th January Craig Mackay Taking the twinkle out of starlight 100 clear 2008-01-09
16th January Robin Catchpole The size and contents of our Solar System 130 clear 2008-01-16
23rd January Olaf Davis Measuring the Universe throughout history 85 cloudy 2008-01-23
30th January Carolin Crawford Recent results from the Hubble Space Telescope 150 clear 2008-01-30
6th February Dan Zucker Building galaxies on our doorstep 130 clear 2008-02-06
13th February Lindsay King Hunting for the most distant galaxies in the universe 90 foggy 2008-02-13
20th February Anna Quider Ancient Astronomy 135 thin cloud 2008-02-20
27th February Zoe Leinhardt Partners at the edge: Kuiper Belt binaries 140 clear 2008-02-27
5th March Aaron Lee How unique is our Solar System? 100 cloudy 2008-03-05
12th March Carolin Crawford Saturn and its moons 200 clear 2008-03-12
19th March Adrienne Leonard Cosmology for beginners 210 clear !


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