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Public Open Night Talk Schedule 2005-06

Statistics for the 2005/06 observing season:

  • We held 24 public sessions, and carried out observing on 9 evenings.
  • The average weekly attendance was around 130 people.
Date Lecturer Title No. of Visitors Weather Handouts
5th October Dr Carolin Crawford Asteroids, comets, new planets & Pluto 35 cloudy -
12th October Robert Dunn The Universe in X-rays. 20 cloudy -
19th October Jamie Bolton First Light: The Epoch of Re-ionisation 35 cloudy -
26th October Richard Stancliffe The Importance of Stars 110 cloudy but clearing -
2nd November Dr Mark Wilkinson Stars, Gas & Dust in the Milky Way 70 cloudy -
9th November Nina Hatch Explosions in the Universe 250+ clear -
16th November Dr Robin Catchpole Are We Star Dust or Nuclear Waste? 300 clear -
23rd November Dr Lindsay King The Ingredients of the Universe: Dark Matter & Dark Energy 60 cloudy 2005-11-23
30th November Dr Robin Catchpole What's New in Our Solar System? 70 cloudy 2005-11-30
7th December Dr Ian Parry Astronomical Toys: Instruments for the World's Largest Telescopes 60 cloudy 2005-12-07
14th December Dr Neil Trentham Distant Galaxies 60 partly cloudy 2005-12-14
21st December Dr Lisa Jardine-Wright & Dr Robin Catchpole Making A Comet for Christmas. 160 cloudy 2005-12-21
28th December Christmas break
4th January New Year break
11th January Dr Carolin Crawford Bubbling Black Holes 200 clear 2006-01-11
18th January Dr Kevin Marshall Stars & their Atmospheres 80 cloudy 2006-01-18
25th January Dr Suzanne Aigrain Finding Planets 130 partly cloudy 2006-01-25
1st February Dr Jonathon Gair Detecting Gravity's Waves 70 cloudy 2006-02-01
8th February James Graham Largest objects in the Universe 200 became clear 2006-02-08
15th February John Regan Simulations of the Universe 200 became clear 2006-02-15
22nd February Dr Ross Church Private lives of stars 70 cloudy 2006-02-22
1st March Dr Matteo Viel Piercing the Universe 130 clear(ish) 2006-03-01
8th March Mary Erlund Jets: From Stars to Galaxies 90 cloudy 2006-03-08
15th March Shoko Jin Introducing Galaxies 200 thin cloud becoming worse 2006-03-15
22nd March Dr Carolin Crawford Fascinating and fantastic nebulae 420 hazy / thin cloud 2006-03-22
29th March Dr Giovanni Miniutti Black Holes 80 cloudy 2006-03-29

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