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Public Open Night Talk Schedule 2004-05

Statistics for the 2004/05 observing season:

  • We held 25 public sessions, and carried out observing on 7 evenings.
  • The average weekly attendance was around 80 people.
Date Lecturer Title No. of Visitors Weather
13th October Dr Lisa Jardine-Wright Galaxy Formation: Painting by Numbers 25 Cloudy
20th October Dr John Eldridge The Life and Death of Stars 35 Patchy Cloud
27th October Vivienne Wild Mapping Distant Galaxies 30 Cloudy
3rd November Dr Ian Parry Planets Beyond the Solar System 25 Clear
10th November Dr Lisa Jardine-Wright Gravity & Exotic Objects of the Universe 65 Cloudy
17th November Ross Church Binary Stars 70 Cloudy
24th November George Seabroke Surveying the Milky Way Galaxy 65 Cloudy
1st December Richard Alexander Forming Stars, Discs and Planets 60 Cloudy
8th December Fergus Simpson The Expansion of the Universe 30 Cloudy
15th December Robert Dunn Clusters of Galaxies 40 Cloudy
22nd & 23rd December Dr Lisa Jardine-Wright Christmas Lectures: A Rough Guide to the Local Universe 70 Cloudy
Christmas Lectures: A Rough Guide to the Wider Universe 40 Cloudy
29th December Christmas Break      
5th January Dr Lisa Jardine-Wright History of Cosmology 30 Clear
12th January Dr Emma Ryan-Weber Discovery of Maverick Stars 100 Clear
19th January Matthew Worsley Black Holes 120 Cloudy became Clear
26th January Natasha Maddox Radio Astronomy: Observing in other Wavelengths! 75 Cloudy
2nd February Alan McConnachie When Galaxies Collide 105 Cloudy
9th February Dr Justin Read Dark Matter and Alternative Gravity 110 Cloudy
16th February Fergus Simpson The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Life 200 Cloudy becoming clear
23rd February Dr Suzanne Aigrain Finding Planets 70 Cloudy
2nd March Nicholas Law Why do stars twinkle? And what can we do about it? 50 Partially clear
9th March Prof. Arthur I Miller Empire of the Stars: Friendship, Obsession and Betrayal in the Quest for Black Holes 50 Cloudy
16th March Maggie Hendry A Day in the Life of Massive Stars 150 Cloudy
23rd March Dr Richard McMahon The First Galaxies 300+ Hazy
30th March Dr Michael Murphy Do the laws of Nature vary in space and time?    

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