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Astronomy-related badges for cubs, brownies, scouts, guides...

Astronomy and Stargazer badges

We are happy to assist well-behaved groups of brownies, cubs, guides and scouts who are working towards their Astronomy or Stargazer badges.

Please note that we are now taking bookings for the next observing season.

You have two options:

1) Book in as a group at one of our Wednesday open evenings

Your group can book in to join one of our regular Wednesday public open evenings. There's a half-hour talk, followed by the chance to observe if the weather is clear. Even if it was cloudy, we'd try and ensure that your group could visit one of the historical telescopes on site.However, these evenings are primarily designed as a drop-in event for the general public, so we are only prepared to accommodate one such (well-behaved) group of fewer than 20 people a week, and available slots book up pretty rapidly. You can always look at our schedule to see if what we have available fits in with your plans. Entrance is free, and the rest of the family is also welcome to come along; however we cannot guarantee that the talk will be tailored to your group's interest and experience.

If you are interested in this option, please contact Dr. Carolin Crawford  directly to arrange.

2) Book a private viewing

Alternatively - and this is probably the better option for most groups - we can try to accommodate your visit separately on another evening, which could fit better with your more regular meeting time and day. A couple of our very outreach-friendly graduate students or postdoctoral researchers would host you: they can  give your group a talk more tailored to what is required for that age group and the badge they are working towards. You will visit the oldest telescope on site, and have a stargazing session if (and only if)  the weather is clear - or some other activity if not. We expect a suitable number of adult helpers to accompany your group  to provide leadership and discipline; parents and siblings are very welcome to come along. In return we do ask for a contribution of £50 - £75  towards the costs of running our outreach programme (the amount depends on the size of group). For obvious reasons, note we cannot accommodate requests for Wednesday evenings.

Please note that these sessions are proving incredibly popular, and the number that we can offer is constrained by the availability of both the staff volunteers and the telescopes. To book this option please first look at the availability of dates, and submit a request form.


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