Institute of Astronomy

Faculty Appointments Committee

Class of Membership Member Department/Institution/College
(a) Chair of the Committee appointed by the Vice-Chancellor Prof CMR Fowler (Chair) Darwin College
(b) Heads of Department in the Faculty of Physics & Chemistry - as appropriate Prof AC Fabian AST
    Prof JA Pyle CHEM
    Prof MG Blamire MSM
    Prof MA Parker PHY
(c) Members appointed by the Faculty of Physics & Chemistry Mrs M Howe (Secretary) (31.12.18) AST
    Prof MGO Haehnelt (31.12.18) AST
    Prof M Sprik (31.12.18) CHEM
(d) Members appointed by the General Board Prof J Driscoll (31.12.16) MSM
    Prof AN Lasenby (31.12.16) PHY

Key to Departments

AST = Astronomy
CHEM = Chemistry
MS = Materials Science & Metallurgy
PHY = Physics

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