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E-mail and Phone List

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NameOfficePhoneE-mailStaff Category
Dr Sverre J AarsethSPO SPO 08(3)37553sverreEmeritus Staff
Dr Michalis AgathosKavli K21(3)
Dr Mohammad Al SadHoyle H23(7)48462msa51Postdoctoral Researcher
Dr Alexandra AmonKavli K02(7)46430aa2334Research Fellow
- Shion AndrewHoyle H26(3)37511sa2051Graduate Student
Dr Houshang ArdavanObs O32(3)30894ardavanEmeritus Staff
Mr Bob W ArgyleObs O33(7)60794rwaEmeritus Staff
Dr Mark AshdownKavli K4(3) Astrophysics
- Shikhar AsthanaObs O21(3)37536sa2001Graduate Student
Dr Matthew Auger-WilliamsKavli K20(3)37529maugerResearch Fellow
Dr Mark AvaraHoyle H34(7)66096mja85Postdoctoral Researcher
- William BakerKavli K31(7) Astrophysics
Dr William BarkerKavli Astrophysics
Mr Rodney BarkhuysenObs O25(3)37091rpb44Professional Services Staff
Dr Ricarda BeckmannKavli K22(7)65848ricarda.beckmannPostdoctoral Researcher
Mr Graham BellContact details witheldProfessional Services Staff
Prof. Vasily BelokurovHoyle H20(3)37515vasilyAcademic Staff
- Jake BennettHoyle H27(7)66653jsb210Graduate Student
Prof Alexander BoksenbergObs O11(3)39909boksyEmeritus Staff
Dr Amy BonsorHoyle H31(7)65845abonsorResearch Fellow
Dr Matthew BothwellHoyle H59(3)39279bothwellProfessional Services Staff
Dr Martin BourneKavli K22(7)65848mabournePostdoctoral Researcher
- Aleksandr BowkisKavli K14746431amb257Graduate Student
Mrs Nicky BoxallHoyle H04(7)64599n.boxallProfessional Services Staff
Dr Elme Breedt LateganHoyle H34(7)66096ebreedtPostdoctoral Researcher
Mr Steven BreretonKavli K12(3)37516sb2279Professional Services Staff
- Marc BrouwersObs O35(3)37093mgb52Graduate Student
- Andrew BuchanObs O35(3)37093amb237Graduate Student
Mr Patrick BurgessAPM A6(7)66665pwbPostdoctoral Researcher
Dr Giorgia BussoObs O22(7)66603giorgiaPostdoctoral Researcher
Prof Bob CarswellHoyle H16(3)37514rfcEmeritus Staff
Dr Robin CatchpoleSPO SPO 08(3)37553catchpolEmeritus Staff
Prof Anthony ChallinorKavli K13(7)66659a.d.challinorAcademic Staff
- Connor CheverallHoyle H29(7)66645cjc218Graduate Student
- Nick ChornayObs O35(3)37093njc89Graduate Student
Prof Cathie J ClarkeHoyle H10(3)39087cclarkeAcademic Staff
Miss Mandy Jayne CockrillHoyle H07(3)37541ac981Professional Services Staff
- Savvas ConstantinouHoyle H26(3)37511sc938Graduate Student
Dr Sue CowellContact details witheldProfessional Services Staff
Dr Carolin CrawfordHoyle H60(3)37510cscEmeritus Staff
Dr Mirko CurtiKavli K29(3) Astrophysics
Dr Francesco D'EugenioKavli K33(7) Astrophysics
Mr Rafael Da RosaKavli -(3)37548rafael.da.rosaProfessional Services Staff
Dr Ali DariushHoyle H23(7)48462adariushPostdoctoral Researcher
- Elliot DaviesObs O27(3)37540eyd20Graduate Student
Dr Francesca De AngeliObs O23(3)37546fdaPostdoctoral Researcher
- Roger De BelsunceKavli K14(7)46431rmvd2Graduate Student
Dr Suhail DhawanKavli K01(7)46430sd919Postdoctoral Researcher
Dr Catrina DienerObs O24(7)66646cdienerPostdoctoral Researcher
- Adam DillamoreObs O17(3)37534amd206Graduate Student
- Tibor DomeKavli K26(7)60797td448Graduate Student
Mrs Jo DonaghyHoyle H11(3)37508jd508Professional Services Staff
Prof George P EfstathiouKavli K15(3)37530gpeAcademic Staff
- Chloe EllertonObs O26(3)39277cke23Graduate Student
Dr Dafydd W EvansAPM A8(7)64608dweResearch Fellow
Prof Wyn EvansHoyle H50(7)65847nweAcademic Staff
Prof Andrew C FabianHoyle H54(3)37509acfEmeritus Staff
Dr Anastasia FialkovHoyle H57(7)66095afialkovAcademic Staff
Dr Dominic FordHoyle H14(3)39282dcf21Postdoctoral Researcher
Mrs Monica GamboaHoyle Reception(3)37548mgamboaProfessional Services Staff
- Zucheng GaoObs O14(3)37531zg285Graduate Student
Prof Gerry F GilmoreHoyle H47(3)37506gilResearch Fellow
Dr Anais GonneauHoyle H21(7)64612agonneauPostdoctoral Researcher
Dr Eduardo Gonzalez SolaresHoyle H14(3)39282eglezPostdoctoral Researcher
Mr Kaustav GoswamiHoyle H27(7)66653Visitors
Prof Douglas O GoughHoyle H13(3)37518douglasEmeritus Staff
- Maggie GouldenHoyle H13(3)37518mcg58Graduate Student
Dr Steven GrattonKavli K07(7)65849stg20Research Fellow
Ms Monica GreenoHoyle H07(7)66648mgreenoProfessional Services Staff
- Alexander HackettObs O35(3)37093ajh291Graduate Student
Prof Martin HaehneltKavli K27(7)66671haehneltAcademic Staff
- Yinuo HanHoyle H36(3)37504yh458Graduate Student
Dr Will HandleyKavli K19(3) Astrophysics
Ms Kate HardcastleHoyle H06(3)37552kvh28Professional Services Staff
Dr Diana HarrisonKavli K01(7)66660dlhPostdoctoral Researcher
Ms Susan HatleyHoyle H48(3)37521hodpaProfessional Services Staff
Dr George HawkerKavli O25(3)37091gah43Postdoctoral Researcher
Mrs Anita HawkinsObs HOYLE RECEPT(3)37548aahProfessional Services Staff
- Connor Hayden-PawsonKavli K35(3) Astrophysics
Prof Cyril HazardObs O29(3)37544ch944Visitors
- Stefan HeimersheimKavli K26(7)60797sh2061Graduate Student
- Emilie HertigObs O21(3)37536emh83Graduate Student
Prof Paul C HewettHoyle H19(3)37507phewettAcademic Staff
Dr Simon HodgkinHoyle H39(7)66657sthPostdoctoral Researcher
- Mans HolmbergHoyle H29(7)66645mlh58Graduate Student
Mr Mark HurnObs OLO(3)37537hurnmProfessional Services Staff
Miss Emma HydeHoyle Reception(3)37548ehydeProfessional Services Staff
Dr Vid IrsicKavli K06(7) Astrophysics
Prof Mike IrwinAPM A1(7)64606mikeEmeritus Staff
Dr Jonathan IrwinContact details witheldPostdoctoral Researcher
Mr Rafikul IslamObs O05(7)66656ri293Professional Services Staff
- Jonathan ItcovitzObs O14(3)37531ji263Graduate Student
Dr Marija JankovicHoyle H35(7)60799mj577Postdoctoral Researcher
- Jeff JenningsHoyle H28(3)37551jmj51Graduate Student
Dr Jiachen JiangHoyle H56(3)39281jj447Postdoctoral Researcher
Dr Gareth JonesKavli K29(3) Astrophysics
- Sean JordanObs O27(3)37540saj49Graduate Student
- Zofia KaczmarekHoyle H26(3)37511zk277Graduate Student
Dr David KingObs O25(3)37091kingEmeritus Staff
Dr Sophie KoudmaniKavli K18(3)37527sk939Postdoctoral Researcher
- Adam LangeveldHoyle H27(7)66653al908Graduate Student
Dr Nicolas LaporteKavli K32(7) Astrophysics
Prof Anthony LasenbyKavli K28(3) Astrophysics
Mrs Susan LeatherbarrowHoyle H04(3)39088slProfessional Services Staff
Dr Boyuan LiuHoyle H52(7)66635Visitors
- Tobias LooserKavli K34(3) Astrophysics
Dr Vanessa Lopez BarqueroHoyle H55(7)60792vl324Postdoctoral Researcher
- Joshua LovellHoyle H26(3)37511jl638Graduate Student
Mrs Angela MachariaHoyle H05(3)37522am2730Professional Services Staff
Prof Craig MackayObs O16(3)37543cdmEmeritus Staff
Prof Nikku MadhusudhanHoyle H18(7)66619nmadhuAcademic Staff
- Gabriel MahesonKavli K34(7) Astrophysics
Prof Roberto MaiolinoKavli K30(7) Astrophysics
Dr Kaisey MandelKavli K03(7)46428kmandelAcademic Staff
Dr Greg MarcelHoyle H33(3)37542greg.marcelPostdoctoral Researcher
Dr Sebastian MarinoHoyle H52(7)66635sm2132Postdoctoral Researcher
- Adam MarshallHoyle H27(7)66653alm99Graduate Student
Dr James MatthewsHoyle H25(7)66098matthewsPostdoctoral Researcher
Prof Richard G McMahonHoyle H49(3)37519rgmAcademic Staff
Miss Joy McSharryHoyle H04(7)61537jpmProfessional Services Staff
Mr Neil MillarObs O02(7)66661nrmProfessional Services Staff
Dr Alireza MolaeinezhadAPM A05(7)48462am2931Postdoctoral Researcher
Dr Paul MurdinObs OLO(3)37537murdinEmeritus Staff
Dr David MurphyAPM A05-2(7)65846dmurphyPostdoctoral Researcher
- Matthew NixonHoyle H27(7)66653mn442Graduate Student
Dr Mathias NowakHoyle H35(7)60799mcn35Postdoctoral Researcher
- Matthew O'CallaghanObs O26(3)39277mo503Graduate Student
Mr Alex OgdenObs O24(7)66646alex.ogdenPostdoctoral Researcher
- Dily OngKavli -(3) Astrophysics
- Adam OrmondroydKavli K14(7) Astrophysics
Mr Paul OsborneAPM A06(7)66650posbornePostdoctoral Researcher
Mr Cormac O`ConnellContact details witheldProfessional Services Staff
Dr Prakriti PalchoudhuryHoyle H25(7)66098prakriti.pcPostdoctoral Researcher
Dr Michael ParkerHoyle H55(7)60792mlparkerPostdoctoral Researcher
Prof Ian R ParryHoyle H22(3)37092irpAcademic Staff
Dr Francisco Paz-ChinchonAPM A04(7)66652fpcPostdoctoral Researcher
Dr Gudrun PebodyHoyle H46(7)66097gpebodyProfessional Services Staff
- Joseph PenoyreHoyle H26(3)37511jp576Graduate Student
Dr Margaret PenstonObs O32(3)30894mjpEmeritus Staff
Mrs Debbie PetersonHoyle H12(7)66643dlpProfessional Services Staff
- Hannah PetrovicObs O12(3)337548hjp46Graduate Student
Prof Max PettiniHoyle H62(7)66670maxpettini@icloud.comEmeritus Staff
- Joanna PiotrowskaKavli K35(3) Astrophysics
Dr Collin PolitschKavli K08(7)46430cp802Postdoctoral Researcher
Prof Jim E PringleHoyle H16(3)37514jepEmeritus Staff
Prof Martin J ReesHoyle H58(3)37520mjrEmeritus Staff
Prof Christopher ReynoldsHoyle H15(7)66668csr12Academic Staff
Dr Alvaro Ribas GomezHoyle H53(3)30895ar2193Postdoctoral Researcher
- Annabelle Richard-LaferriereHoyle H36(3)37504ar999Graduate Student
Dr Marco RielloAPM A6(7)64610mrielloPostdoctoral Researcher
- Frances RigbyObs O12(3)337548fer29Graduate Student
Dr Jessica RigleyHoyle H26(3)37511jkr40Postdoctoral Researcher
Dr Guy RixonObs O31(3)37528gtrPostdoctoral Researcher
- Clayton RobertsObs O17(3)37534cnr31Graduate Student
Dr Naomi RobertsonKavli K08(7)46430ncrPostdoctoral Researcher
- Payton RodmanHoyle H29(7)66645per29Graduate Student
- Laura RogersObs O13(3)37525lr439Graduate Student
- Erik RosenbergObs O35(3)37093er510Graduate Student
Ms Daniela Ruz MieresObs O24(7)66646dr540Postdoctoral Researcher
- Sam RyanObs O10766624str36Graduate Student
Mr Lester SandlesKavli K35(3) Astrophysics
- Arnab SarkarObs O18(3)337548as3158Graduate Student
Mr David SavidgeHoyle H04(7)66644dsavidgeProfessional Services Staff
- Chiara ScardoniObs O13(3)37525ces204Graduate Student
Dr Jan ScholtzKavli K23(7) Astrophysics
- Andrew SellekObs O10(7)66624ads79Graduate Student
Dr Blake SherwinKavli K21(3)
Dr Raphael ShirleyHoyle H60(3)337510ras81Visitors
Dr Oliver ShorttleHoyle H17(7)65844shorttleAcademic Staff
Prof Debora SijackiKavli K17(7)66642deborasAcademic Staff
- Aoife SimpsonObs O15(7)66669acs211Graduate Student
- Julia Sisk-ReynesObs O14(3)37531jms332Graduate Student
Dr Leigh SmithHoyle H33(3)37542lsmithPostdoctoral Researcher
Miss Amanda SmithObs O03(3)37545ajsProfessional Services Staff
Prof Sandro TacchellaKavli K29(3) Astrophysics
- Rosie TalbotKavli K26(7)60797rt421Graduate Student
Dr Roberto TerlevichObs O32(3)30894rjtEmeritus Staff
- Ayngaran ThavanesanKavli K14(7) Astrophysics
- Stephen ThorpHoyle H27(7)66653sjt202Graduate Student
- Alex TocherObs O14(3)37531at802Graduate Student
Prof Christopher A ToutHoyle H61(3)37502catAcademic Staff
- Samuel TurnerObs O15(7)66669sgdt2Graduate Student
Dr Sunny VagnozziKavli K21(7)66695sunny.vagnozziPostdoctoral Researcher
Dr Floor van LeeuwenObs O30(7)66624fvlResearch Fellow
Mrs Malgorzata van LeeuwenObs O30(7)66624mvlPostdoctoral Researcher
Dr Eugene VasilievHoyle H53(3)30895vasilievPostdoctoral Researcher
Dr Zvonimir VlahKavli
Dr Nicholas WaltonHoyle H37(3)37503nawResearch Fellow
Dr Craig WaltonHoyle H16(3)37518crw59Postdoctoral Researcher
- Sam WardObs O26(3)39277smw92Graduate Student
Dr Tristan WhitmarshHoyle H21(7)64612tw401Postdoctoral Researcher
Dr Roderick V WillstropObs O11(3)39909rvwEmeritus Staff
Dr Alison WilsonKavli Services Staff
- Joris WitstokKavli K34(3) Astrophysics
- Callum WittenObs O18(3)337548cw795Graduate Student
Mrs Beverley WoolstonHoyle Reception(3)37548receptProfessional Services Staff
Dr Clare WorleyHoyle H24(7)66667ccworleyPostdoctoral Researcher
Prof Mark WyattHoyle H38(3)37517wyattAcademic Staff
Dr Hannah ÜblerKavli K33(7) Astrophysics
Mr Abdullah YoldasObs O34(3)39278ayPostdoctoral Researcher
Mrs Carolyn YoungHoyle H11(3)37508cay30Professional Services Staff
- Steven YoungHoyle H36(3)39279sdy21Graduate Student
- Yuxuan YuanObs O27(3)37540yy503Graduate Student
- Francesco ZagariaObs O18(3)337548fz258Graduate Student
Mrs Mahsa ZohhadiHoyle H06(3)37552mahsa.zohhadiProfessional Services Staff
Dr Anna N ZytkowObs O32(3)30894anzEmeritus Staff