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Dr Paula Jofre Pfeil


Office: Hoyle H34
Office Tel: (01223) 766096
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 I am interested in understanding the old stars of the Milky Way because they reveal the early history of our Galaxy.  I mostly use spectra of large stellar surveys, such as SDSS and Gaia-ESO. Their chemistry,  kinematics and ages give us information of how the formation of the Milky Way was.

As a active user of those large datasets, I became very involved in the work related to the calibration of methods that analyse automatically the spectra from those surveys.  I lead the spectroscopic analysis of the Gaia FGK benchmark stars, which are the pillar calibrators of Gaia and the Gaia-ESO Survey.  In addition, I am one of the coordinators of the spectroscopic analysis of the South Ecliptic Pole Catalog, which is currently being employed for the commissioning phase of Gaia.


2000-2006: Undergraduate studies in Astronomy in Universidad Catolica de Chile

2006-2010: PhD in Physics in Max Planck Insitute for Astrophysics, Garching, Germany

2011-2013: Post-doctorate in Observatoire de Bordeaux, France

2013-to date: Post-doctorate in University of Cambridge

Awards and Prizes

2011: 100 Chilean leader Women


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