Institute of Astronomy

- Matthew Temple


I am interested in Active Galactic Nuclei and how they interact with their host Galaxies. Specifically, I am interested in Quasars and the nature of the gas and dust which surrounds the central black hole, the structure and physical conditions of the Broad Emission Line Region, how star formation was switched on and off in the first Galaxies, and the processes which give rise to the co-evolution of Galaxies and their central SMBHs.


2020- : Postdoctoral researcher, Universidad Diego Portales, Santiago
2017- : PhD in Astronomy, University of Cambridge
2013-2017: BA(Hons) & MSci, University of Cambridge



2019- : Associate member, LSST AGN Science Collaboration


Awards and Prizes

Royal Astronomical Society Travel Grant
Cambridge Philosophical Society Travel Grant

St Catharine's College Travel Grant

St Catharine's College Prize
Skerne (1745) Scholarship

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