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I am interested in modelling the evolution of the intergalactic medium (IGM) during cosmic reionization; in particular how we can use the Lyman alpha and 21 cm spectral lines of hydrogen to probe the ionization state of the IGM. My supervisor is Prof Martin Haehnelt.


Selected papers

Weinberger et al. (2020), Probing delayed-end reionization histories with the 21-cm LAE cross-power spectrum, [ADS] [astro-ph]

Weinberger et al. (2019), Modelling the observed luminosity function and clustering evolution of Lyman-α emitters: growing evidence for late reionization, [ADS] [astro-ph]

Weinberger et al. (2018), Lyman-α emitters gone missing: the different evolution of the bright and faint populations, [ADS] [astro-ph]



2016 - Present: PhD Student in Astronomy, University of Cambridge

2012 - 2016: MSci in Theoretical Physics, Imperial College London


Workshops and Conferences

September 2018: attended the NVidia Hackathon as part of DiRAC Day 2018 in Swansea, Wales.

September 2018: gave a contributed talk at the Understanding Emission Line Galaxies conference in Teruel, Spain.

March 2018: attended the EPCC training course Efficient Parallel IO on Archer in Cambridge, England.

November 2017: attended the CSaP Professional Development Policy Workshop in Cambridge, England.

August 2017: attended the St Andrews Monte Carlo Summer School (SAMCSS) on radiative transfer modelling, held in St Andrews, Scotland.

May 2017: attended the Galaxy Formation in a Cosmological Context Summer school in Spetses, Greece.



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