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- John Harrison


Office: Obs O18
Office Tel: (01223) 337535
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Research Themes: Star Formation and Exoplanets

Research Keywords: Planets, Solar System, Stars


I am interested in the bulk chemical composition of extrasolar planets and asteroids, and the similarities between Earth and extrasolar super-Earths, as well as the architecture of exo-planetary systems and the formation and evolution of extrasolar planetesimals.

My research currently focuses on how polluted white dwarfs can offer a unique insight into the bulk composition, formation location, and geology of extrasolar planetary material.

My primary supervisor is Dr Amy Bonsor and my secondary supervisors are Dr Nikku Madhusudhan and Dr Mihkel Kama. 

Selected papers

1. Polluted White Dwarfs: Constraints on the Origin & Geology of Exoplanetary Material (

2. A new class of Super-Earths formed from high-temperature condensates: HD219134 b, 55 Cnc e, WASP-47 (



PhD: Final year student at the Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge, (2016-Present)

MSci: Natural Science (Astronomy), University of Cambridge, (2015-2016)

BA: Natural Science (Astronomy), University of Cambridge, (2012-2015)

Awards and Prizes

Linton Seu-Kwan Chu Prize: An annual prize awarded to a graduating student who is considered to have contributed the most to the college, both academically and through extra-curricular involvement, (2016)

Mathers Prize in Physical Natural Sciences: An annual prize awarded to the graduating student who attained the highest mark in the college in the physical natural sciences tripos, (2016)

Robinson College Scholar: (2015,2016)

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