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- Jerry W. Xuan


Office: Hoyle H27
Office Tel: (01223) 766653
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Research Themes: Star Formation and Exoplanets

Research Keywords: Dynamics, Observations, Planets, Theory


I am currently an MPhil student researching dynamical interactions in extrasolar planetary systems, using a combination of observational data and simulations. I'm also interested in techniques and observations in direct imaging and high resolution spectroscopy.

In Fall 2020, I will be starting a PhD in Astronomy (Caltech).

Selected papers

Evidence for a high mutual inclination between the cold Jupiter and transiting super Earth orbiting π Men

Xuan, J. W. & Wyatt, M. C., 2020, MNRAS, 497, 2096

A Rotation Rate for the Planetary-Mass Companion DH Tau b

Xuan, J. W., Bryan, M. L., Knutson, H. A., et al. 2020, AJ, 159, 97

Characterizing the Performance of the NIRC2 Vortex Coronagraph at W. M. Keck Observatory

Xuan, W. J., Mawet, D., Ngo, H., et al. 2018, AJ, 156, 156

Observing Exoplanets with High-dispersion Coronagraphy. II. Demonstration of an Active Single-mode Fiber Injection Unit

Mawet, D., Ruane, G., Xuan, W., et al. 2017, ApJ, 838, 92


2019-Present: MPhil in Astronomy, University of Cambridge

2015-2019: BA cum laude in Physics, Pomona College


Awards and Prizes

2019: Phi Beta Kappa; Sigma Xi; The Frank Parkhurst Brackett, Jr., and Davida Wark Brackett Prize in Astronomy, Pomona College

2016, 2017, 2018: Tileston Physics Prize, Pomona College


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