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Office: Obs O35
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Stars are not spherically symmetric, planets are often not in equilibrium and turbulence is not isotropic. These present a challenge to matching observations. I work on various theoretical aspects of these problems, from developing turbulent closure models and new tools for generally capturing transport behaviour to computing the inflation of hot Jupiters and out-of-equilibrium dynamics in pulsar companions.


Selected papers

Tidal Heating and Stellar Irradiation of Hot Jupiters (2017, MNRAS)

Far-from-equilibrium transport of excited carriers in nanostructures (2017, arXiv)

The Atmospheric Dynamics of Pulsar Companions (2015, Caltech Senior Thesis)


Caltech Physics (B.S.) 2015

Awards and Prizes

IoA Paul Murdin Prize (2017)

APS LeRoy Apker Prize (2015)

Hertz Fellowship (2015)

NSF GRFP Fellowship (2015)

NDSEG Fellowship (2015)

Caltech George W. Housner Award (2015)

Caltech Frederic W. Hinrichs Jr. Memorial Award (2015)

Caltech Dr. D. S. Kothari Prize (2015)

Caltech Library Senior Thesis Prize (2015)

Marshall Scholarship (2014)

Barry M. Goldwater Fellowship (2014)

Caltech Haren Lee Fisher Memorial Award in Physics (2014)

Caltech Jack E. Froehlich Memorial Award (2014)

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