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- Sean Jordan


Office: Obs O27
Office Tel: (01223) 337540
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Research Themes: Star Formation and Exoplanets

Research Keywords: Planets, Solar System


Atmospheric chemistry, surface-atmosphere interaction, and bio-chemistry of Venus and warm rocky exoplanets.

Selected papers

Photochemistry of Venus-like Planets Orbiting K- and M-dwarf Stars
Jordan, S., Rimmer, P.B., Shorttle, O., Constantinou, T.

Hydroxide Salts in the Clouds of Venus: Their Effect on the Sulfur Cycle and Cloud Droplet pH
Rimmer, P.B., Jordan, S., Constantinou, T., Woitke, P., Shorttle, O., Hobbs, R., Paschodimas, A.

Growth and evolution of secondary volcanic atmospheres: I. Identifying the geological character of warm rocky planets
Liggins, P., Jordan, S., Rimmer, P.B., Shorttle, O.


PhD: Astronomy - Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge (2020 - present)
MSci: Natural Sciences (Astrophysics) - University of Cambridge (2016-2020)

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