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- Roger De Belsunce


Office: Kavli K14
Office Tel: 46431
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Research Themes: Cosmology and Fundamental Physics

Research Keywords: Cosmology, Dark Energy, Dark Matter


I am interested in constraining cosmological parameters by using large-scale structure data from galaxy surveys such as BOSS and DESI (of which I am an active member). Therefore, I use information obtained from galaxy clustering, the Lyman-alpha forest and quasars. In this context, I analyse the baryon acoustic oscillations, compute likelihoods to constrain cosmological parameters and perform tomographic redshift bin analyses of the data. 

In addition to large-scale structure data analysis, I am interested in developing and testing the novel likelihood-free approach on CMB data from the Planck survey. 

Selected papers

  • R. de Belsunce, S. Gratton. W. Coulton and G. Efstathiou, Inference of the optical depth to reionization from low multipole temperature and polarisation Planck data, MNRAS 507, 1072-1091 (2021), arXiv:2103.14378
  • R. de Belsunce and L. Senatore, Tree-Level Bispectrum in the Effective Field Theory of Large-Scale Structure extended to Massive Neutrinos, JCAP 1902 (2019) 038 arXiv:1804.06849



2018 - present: PhD student in cosmology (University of Cambridge, UK)

2017-2018: Master's thesis in theoretical cosmology (Stanford University, USA)

2016-2018: MSc in Physics (ETH Zurich, CH)

2016: Bachelor's thesis in particle physics (CERN, CH)

2012-2016: BSc in Physics (ETH Zurich, CH)

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