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- Peter Kosec


Office: Hoyle H52
Office Tel: (01223) 766635
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Research Themes: X-ray Astrophysics

Research Keywords: Accretion, Black Holes, Observations, Spectroscopy, X-ray


I study the Physics of accretion of matter onto compact objects with X-ray observations (XMM-Newton, NuSTAR, Chandra). I specifically focus on super-Eddington accretion and the launching of high-velocity winds in these systems at all mass scales. This includes neutron stars and stellar mass black holes in ultraluminous X-ray sources, and (likely) supercritical supermassive black holes in Narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxies.

Selected papers

An ionized accretion disc wind in Hercules X-1 (MNRAS, 2020)

A stratified ultrafast outflow in 1H0707-495? (MNRAS, 2018)

Evidence for a variable Ultrafast Outflow in the newly discovered Ultraluminous Pulsar NGC 300 ULX-1 (MNRAS, 2018)

Searching for outflows in ultraluminous X-ray sources through high-resolution X-ray spectroscopy (MNRAS, 2018)

Investigating the Evolution of the Dual AGN System ESO 509-IG066 (ApJ, 2017)


2016-Present: PhD Astronomy, University of Cambridge

2012-2016: MSci Natural Sciences, University of Cambridge

Awards and Prizes

IoA Paul Murdin Prize (2018)

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