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Office: Obs O27
Office Tel: (01223) 337540
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I am interested in modelling the evolution of the intergalactic medium (IGM) during cosmic reionization; in particular how we can use the Lyman alpha and 21 cm spectral lines of hydrogen to probe the ionization state of the IGM. My supervisor is Prof Martin Haehnelt.



arXiv: astro-ph



2016 - Present: PhD (Student) in Astronomy, University of Cambridge

2012 - 2016: MSci in Theoretical Physics, Imperial College London


Workshops and Conferences

March 2018: attended the EPCC training course Efficient Parallel IO on Archer in Cambridge, England.

November 2017: attended the CSaP Professional Development Policy Workshop in Cambridge, England.

August 2017: attended the St Andrews Monte Carlo Summer School (SAMCSS) on radiative transfer modelling, held in St Andrews, Scotland.

May 2017: attended the Galaxy Formation in a Cosmological Context Summer school in Spetses, Greece.

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